Waaaaay back in the day I used to make drum & bass music. It was the result of a misspent youth. I stopped making it around 2005 and focused on other types of music, production and working in sync.

Fast forward to 2021 and I thought about making some again just for fun, and that’s what I did.

Last month my first release, a colab with my friend Jaise was released and managed to peak at #13 on Beatport, which is a pretty amazing achievement considering the amount of great music that gets released on a weekly basis.

My new release “Modal – Obsidian EP” was released on 16/06 by the legendary John B and Beta Recordings. To say I’m happy about it is an understatement. I don’t make “regular” drum and bass. I use weird keys, time sigs and arrangements. Most of it is not something you´d hear in a club. So to have someone like John supporting my music has been a great achievement. Apart from this I have another twelve tracks signed for release this year (maybe some next year due to vinyl production delays) across various labels.

I’m continuing to write and I’m getting unbelievable support and encouragement from legends in the music. Got to say a huge thanks to John B for supporting me and putting the music out to the world, DJ Krust for the continual guidance and motivation, and Jaise for his encouragement and support. Lets see what the rest of this year brings ! You can find a link to the EP here….. please like & share (and feel free to buy it if you want)