Music? Sound? That’s what I do!

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About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Gareth. I’m a composer, sound designer and audio post expert that specialises in audio for picture.
It all began in the late 80s when my brother bought a drum machine. Seeing a silver box full of buttons that could make music blew my 10-year-old mind and from that moment I became obsessed with electronic music. Since then it’s been a long story of synths, turntables, guitars, dubplates and evolving into a studio nerd. I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by machines and working on projects.

I spent many years as a recording engineer, working in several studios on projects as varied as band recordings, hip hop productions and orchestral sessions, before I moving into sync and music for picture in 2011. Since then I’ve worked with BAFTA, The London Olympics, Google, Mercedes Benz, Unilever and many other brands and organisations to help them achieve next-level audio projects.

I love to take a creative approach to production but my ultimate goal is to make my clients happy, as cheesy as that sounds. I’m always happy to talk so feel free to get in touch for a chat and a virtual brew.

+34 633691724