Nothing makes me happier than “New Gear Day”. The latest addition to my studio was the Behringer TD-3, a more or less faithful recreation of the famous and game changing Roland TB 303. I don’t want to get in the politics of Behringer’s business model (very fine people on both sides) but rather just enjoy the synth by itself.

The original 303 as important to dance music as anything can be. Its as important/iconic as the Stratocaster is to Rock and the MPC is to Hip Hop.

Originally it was a commercial failure and discontinued after only two years of production.

I wasn’t until the late 80s that the 303 really found its niche. As the unit was a bit of a failure there were lots floating around on the second hand market, making them really attractive for bedroom producers on a budget. Just as acid house and rave music was in its infancy these great synths were being rediscovered and put to great use.

The 303s filter section and sequencer where what really set the synth apart and formed a huge part of its signature sound. Just as the second summer of love was exploding in the UK tracks such as Acid Tracks by Phuture, Josh Wink and DJ Pierre were putting the 303 right at the forefront. In the UK it was embraced by acts such The Prodigy, Orbital and Fatboy Slim, and a has been exploited on thousands of records right up to the current day.

Ive made a quick demo of my TD-3. Its so much fun to use and get lost in. If you need a 303 for your project (or anything else) get in touch with me via the contact page or email –