I have recently completed a TV spot for Intercasa. They are a Ketchup brand from the Canary Islands and Spain who have expanded their product range to include two new products.

I was originally asked to produce some house music with a fun and vibrant vibe to it (which you can listen to it in the soundcloud link below). It was later decided that the producers wanted to change the angle of the spot and go for something a little different and more percussive.

Luckily, I had some sample banks of 1000´s of percussion sounds from plastic tubs, glass jars, bottles etc. I found a nice selection of different sounds, pitch corrected them and set about making a percussion track using these sounds (which is what the producers had asked for). I backed this up with a very simple organ melody and sine wave to act as a sub and get some low end.

The sound design was simple and straight forward, i just needed to back up the imagery that is featured, such as the volcano explosion and bottle rotations.

The spot is on TV in Spain at the moment so if you are here look out for it. Many thanks to Daniel Medina for getting me involved with the project

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