Swatch – Tick Tock

I just completed working on this short promo. It was quite a straight forward piece to complete. The branding and animation is very happy and fun so it needed something to really bring this out. I layered some simple guitar parts, ukulele, percussion and featured a kalimba melody, echoing the sounds of a ticking clock (at least to my ears). I used a lot of clock and alarm sounds to try and create some counter melody and highlight specific elements. I used clock ticks rather than hihats to create a simple count and add a constant bed for everything else to sit on. Some additional sound design elements completed the project. (I actually did another version that was very different, which was based around constantly evolving breakbeats. The melodies and instrumentation were composed only from clock sounds and effects, such as big ben, cuckoo clocks, alarms etc, but the final version matched the branding and focus of the promo in a more effective way). Thanks to Tom Farrell who produced this and for my involvement.

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