Last week I bought a new Zoom H1 portable recorder. I needed something that I could easily have in my pocket to record any random sounds that I came across. As I was walking around my house recording every noise that I could find, I thought a better idea would be to find some video footage and re-record and replace the audio in it. As I was at home I found some footage that would fit and set about the recording. I was very suprised by the sensitivity of the mics and some of the other features of the recorder. I was hanging out of my window recording traffic sounds and could easily pick up the footsteps of people in the street. My only complaint would be that the construction is a bit cheap (but it is a very cheap recorder), and a lot of noise can be transfered to the recordings if you move the unit when you are actually recording a sound. All of the sounds in the video below were recorded with the Zoom H1 (apart from the music). The only thing not recorded was the rain towards the end of the video (its not been raining here !!!! so i had to use a sample and some filtering to get the effect I wanted). Once I had edited everything together I recorded some simple guitar parts so sit behind everything else. Im quite impressed with the unit especially for how cheap it was.

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