Over the past few days I have composed a short piece of music for an android app. The brief was to produce something to accompany the demo video which is featured on the app website.

The app is a word puzzle game, where you search for words hidden within a grid of letters.

The composition is based around a classic breakbeat which i edited and applied a large reverb. On top of this i tracked multiple electric and acoustic guitar parts, multiple piano parts, bass guitar, various percussion, a glockenspiel and finally some synthesisers. I wanted the track to evolve and build to a crescendo. To make the track evolve I opted to keep adding additional parts to the composition rather than writing different sections due to the time constraint of the video. The mix was relatively straight forward and after applying some final processing within Ozone the project was complete. A link to the music hosted on my soundcloud page is below, along with a link to the google shop where you can pick up a copy of the app (it is a free download), and also check out the other releases from this developer.


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