This week has been really busy. As well as completing more work on the Bad Lip project, I’ve been continuing to work on a jazz score for a feature documentary and made some changes to my studio. Firstly Im now working from a new iMac and secondly Ive repaired the power supply one one of my monitors which was causing some issues. As I was transferring data from my macbook to my iMac I came across back ups of about 40 tracks I had written in late 2008 \ early 2009 before I moved to Barcelona. I only had mp3´s of the tracks, mostly unfinished so I decided to put a few of them on my sound cloud page and explain them a little on here.

The first track was called “Grey Diamond” and I have to admit I dont remember making this. It sounds like I played a simple piano part then double tracked a series of evolving acoustic guitar parts. I must have played the arpeggio with a capo, and the track also features me playing bass which sounds like it was DI´d into the desk (I was using a Mackie in my old studio). I dont really remember anything else, im sure the files are on a hardrive somewhere in England but I quite like it.

The second track was called “A Penny for the Guy” and I do remember writing this. I wanted to make something which started from nothing and continued to grow into a huge crescendo. I had the intention of recording vocals which would have been the main element of the piece but it never happened and I didn’t finish the track. I quite like some of the elements but listening back now I probably went a bit crazy with the glitched drums.

The final two are called “Input Output” and “Kings and Queens”. Both of these tracks are in a simular theme. The were both intended to feature vocals heavily so there is a lot of space which I had left for them. Most of the guitars would have been done on a Strat, especially on Kings and Queens. I think the best part of the two tracks was an arpeggio part in “Input Output” which I made on an ARP Odyssey MK III.

The week ahead is going to very busy again, more work to do for Bad Lip, Tyrannosaurus and also another top secret project.

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