Long time friend and comedian Bryan Whyte has recently asked me to compose some musical elements for his performances.

Being asked to write Hip-Hop is not a normal request but I am very much looking forward to it. Looking back on my days working as an tape op/editor in the UK I recorded many MC’s and worked on a lot of Hip Hop productions. My role was normally tracking the vocal sessions and the occasional mix down. The key to all Hip Hop has got to be sample selection and finding the hook to tie all of the composition together.

My brief for the two tracks was ” New York Hip Hop from the 90´s”. The first track i completed was of the early 90´s sound, minimal, dark and eerie, very much influenced by the early records of the Rza. The inspiration for the second track came from the later 90´s sounds of DJ Premier and Rawkus Records. The track itself came together very fast, I had some Orchestral samples which lended themselves to this genre, and once layered with the drums provided the main hooks for the track. All i needed to do was some editing in the sampler and add some processing and they sounded great. I added a bass line from my Mini Moog and the track was nearly complete. Some extra percussion was added to help the track progress and used to build crescendos.  I worked out a simple arrangement and created a verse and chorus structure and began to work on an intro. I used some foley sounds to build up a simple street scene and the track was complete.

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